Please see the latest protocol for returning to play on the 20th September below. The main points are as follows: 

  • Clubs will only be able to operate with either the Pod of 6 OR the 100 fully vaccinated participants, clubs will not be able to operate both systems simultaneously.
  • For juvenile clubs, we recommend the ‘pods of 6’ system per court, with all the same procedures outlined.
  • Under 18’s are not required to be vaccinated, as part of the 100 vaccinated participants


Love badminton – you’re in the right spot!

This Is Badminton is a campaign established to reunite the badminton community following Covid-19. We understand the last year has been extremely tough, so let’s get back playing badminton, making friendships and being active in the badminton community.

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This Is Badminton is a campaign established to promote the sport of Badminton, run by the National Governing body, Badminton Ireland. The aim is to promote badminton for everyone, for fun and for life. Badminton is not just a sport – it is a community; we want to nurture that. 

This Is Badminton has been designed for those who see badminton not only as a sport, but also a social outlet and a part of their lifestyle. Badminton means different things to different people. Whether that’s a casual hit about in the local hall, playing competitive national events, becoming an Olympic badminton player, or being involved behind the scenes of the sport. This Is Badminton encompasses it all.

Let’s create a strong community. To stay involved in badminton. To meet new friends. To love badminton even more.


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